Danielle Stephens Named President of Fairytale Town’s Board of Directors

January 27, 2023

Downey Brand is pleased to announce that real estate partner Danielle Stephens has been named President of Fairytale Town’s Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2023.

Danielle’s transition to President of the Board of Directors follows a yearlong term when she served as Vice President of the literacy-based children’s park and her eighth year on the Board. Fairytale Town is currently undergoing its first expansion since 1959, and as part of that project, the new “Story Center” was constructed and completed last fall.

“The Story Center—with its thatched roof and windmill—will no doubt become an iconic feature in Sacramento. We hope that just by looking at it, people will feel transported in time and their imaginations will be sparked,” Danielle said. “With the Story Center, we can now offer indoor activities focused on our core literacy and play-based mission, which will be particularly appreciated when cold and rainy days make it difficult to enjoy the rest of the park.”

As Danielle’s role as President begins, she looks to help write the next chapter of Fairytale Town’s legacy for the coming generations to enjoy.

“Our Board-approved master plan calls for improved restrooms, a new admissions building, and new playsets representing our community’s diversity,” Danielle said. “With continued support from the community, state, and city, we plan on delivering!”