Will San Francisco’s Private Commuter Shuttles be Shut Down?

May 13, 2016

Daily Journal

On April 28, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Garrett Wong granted the City and County of San Francisco’s motion to dismiss a two-year-old action in Coalition for Fair, Legal, and Environmental Transit v. City and County of San Francisco, CPF-14-513627.  The action challenged San Francisco’s 18-month commuter shuttle pilot program, which went into effect in August 2014 and allowed private companies to run shuttle programs for their employees from public bus stops for a fee.  According to the Coalition for Fair, Legal, and Environmental Transit’s complaint, on an average weekday, approximately 350 shuttle vehicles will have more than 35,000 boardings, and use more than 200 municipal bus stops in San Francisco.  The coalition’s complaint named two dozen real parties in interest, including Apple, Google and Genentech, each of which operates cummuter shuttle buses for their employees.

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