Stanislaus County Superior Court Orders Water District to Vacate Approval of the Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir Project Pending Compliance With CEQA

January 2023

California Water Law & Policy Reporter, Volume 33, Number 4

On October 31, 2022, the Stanislaus County Superior Court ordered that Del Puerto Canyon Water District (District) decertify its Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir Project (Project) and vacate approval of the Project because the Final EIR failed to adequately address the planned relocation of Del Puerto Canyon Road. The court dismissed a host of other environmental challenges against the Project, as well as concerns brought by the Friant Water Supply Protection Association. The court’s ruling addressed two non-consolidated cases challenging the District’s approval of the Project: Friant Water Supply Protection Association v. Del Puerto Water District, et al., Stanislaus County Superior Court, No. CV-20-5164 and Sierra Clubet. al v. Del Puerto Water District, et al., Stanislaus County Superior Court, No. CV-20-5193.

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