Legislative Update

March 2024

California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter, Volume 33, Number 6

This Legislative Update is designed to apprise our readers of potentially important land use legislation. When a significant bill is introduced, we will provide a short description. Updates will follow, and if enacted, we will provide additional coverage.

We strive to be current, but deadlines require us to complete our legislative review several weeks before publication. Therefore, bills covered can be substantively amended or conclusively acted upon by the date of publication. All references below to the Legislature refer to the California Legislature, and to the Governor refer to Gavin Newsom.

Affordable Housing

  • AB 1893 (Wicks)
  • AB 1820 (Schiavo)

California Environmental Quality Act

  • AB 1835 (Muratsuchi)

General Plans

  • SB 951 (Wiener)
  • AB 1886 (Alvarez)
  • AB 1889 (Friedman)
  • SB 968 (Seyarto)
  • SB 937 (Wiener)
  • SB 908 (Cortese)

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