California Energy Commission Releases Draft Offshore Wind Plan That Details Port Infrastructure Needs

March 2024

California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter, Volume 33, Number 6

The California Energy Commission (CEC), on January 19, 2024, published the highly anticipated Assembly Bill 525 Draft Strategic Plan for Offshore Wind Development (AB 525 Strategic Plan), which provides a roadmap for offshore wind energy developments off the California coast in federal waters. The AB 525 Strategic Plan includes an assessment and recommendations related to the port and infrastructure development necessary to meet California’s ambitious goal of deploying 25 GW of offshore wind power by 2045.

Seaport infrastructure is essential to the burgeoning offshore wind industry in California. Deploying offshore wind in California will require specialized port and waterfront facilities to build, assemble, and service the wind turbines. AB 525 requires the CEC, in coordination with relevant governmental agencies and stakeholders, to develop a plan to improve port waterfront facilities that could support a range of floating offshore wind energy development activities. The draft AB 525 Strategic Plan builds largely on the previously prepared AB 525 Port Readiness Plan (Port Plan).

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