Arizona and Nevada Take Major Steps Towards Greenhouse Gas Reductions By 2050

January 4, 2021

Argent Communications Group

Recently, both Arizona and Nevada took major strides to achieve a net-zero carbon emissions future by 2050. Meanwhile, Nevada released a climate strategy looking to zero emissions by 2050.


The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), a quasi-executive regulatory agency of the state regulating non-municipal utility companies, including energy companies, initiated the final rulemaking process requiring utilities in the state to be 100 percent free of carbon emissions by 2050. If the proposed energy rules are finalized, Arizona will become the seventh state to pass measures that lead to 100 percent renewable or carbon-free electricity in the future. While in Nevada,  the state’s Climate Initiative (NCI) released a State Climate Strategy that provides proposals for bold actions to reduce carbon emissions in the electric, transportation, and building sectors, and to reach zero emissions by 2050 economy-wide. With these ambitious policy efforts, both states have demonstrated remarkable leadership towards a carbon-free future; however, the challenge is how to attain these goals.

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