Rebecca Smith Elected Chair of Center for Land-Based Learning

May 2, 2022

Downey Brand is happy to announce that partner and water law attorney Rebecca Smith has been elected Chair of the Center for Land-Based Learning’s Board of Directors.

Rebecca has served as the Center for Land-Based Learning’s Vice-Chair since 2020 and Secretary from 2018-2019. Founded in 1993, the Woodland-based organization’s mission is to “inspire, educate, and cultivate future generations of farmers, agricultural leaders, and natural resource stewards.” Over the past several years, the group’s efforts have been directed towards its $4 million Growing Our Future Campaign, aiding in the construction of a new statewide headquarters in Woodland.

“The Center for Land-Based Learning’s extraordinary offerings include farmer training programs, apprenticeship programs, and a statewide complement of leadership and natural resources programs intended to inspire new generations of young people to careers in the natural sciences, environment, and agriculture,” Rebecca said.

An alumnae of the Center’s early FARMS leadership programs, Rebecca is particularly proud to be able to give back to her community in this new role.

“Downey Brand and the Center for Land-Based Learning share a common appreciation for California’s vibrant agricultural economy and natural resources, and a commitment to inspiring new generations of leaders to help California flourish,” Rebecca added.

Rebecca follows a path built by fellow partner, Andrea Clark, who led the Center for Land-Based Learning as Chair of the Board of Directors from 2015-2017. Rebecca’s recent election to Chair continues Downey Brand’s partnership with the Center for Land-Based Learning in advancing agricultural and natural resources interests across the community.