Jay-Allen Eisen Receives the 2017 Anne K. Meline Award

March 7, 2018

Downey Brand is pleased to announce that outside counsel Jay-Allen Eisen received the 2017 Anne K. Meline Award at the Mediator Reception on February 22, 2018.

Anne K. Meline was the first Mediation Coordinator for the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District’s mediation program. The program launched in 2006 as a method to resolve civil appeals expediently and reduce costs to the litigants and the Court. Under Anne’s administration, many cases were successfully resolved through the efforts of mediators she recruited. The Anne K. Meline award was established in her honor after she passed away in February 2012. The Court annually selects one of its court-paneled mediators demonstrating leadership, vision, dedication and commitment to the mediation program to receive this award.

Eisen was one of the first mediators to join the court panel in 2006. He has continued to contribute to the success of the program through his work as a mediator, mentor, and coach during trainings.

“Jay is well-known for his excellent appellate work, but this award highlights his lasting contributions to the Court’s mediation program,” said Downey Brand Chairman Bill Warne. “We are thrilled that he is being recognized for his great work in this area.”

Jay-Allen Eisen began working with Downey Brand in November 2017. He is a Certified Appellate Law Specialist who has handled civil appeals and writ proceedings in every appellate district in the state as well as the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit United States Court of Appeals.

Past recipients of the Anne K. Meline award include Charity Kenyon, Esq. (ret.)—2013; Hon. Al Dover (ret.)—2014; Hon. Darrel Lewis (ret.)—2015 and Brendon Ishikawa—2016.