Life risk modeling for Lower San Joaquin River in California’s Central Valley supports emergency response planning

August 25, 2021

FRM Buzz Newsletter

In this recent FRM Buzz newsletter, Downey Brand managing partner Scott Shapiro discusses the first flood risk assessment study to focus exclusively on life risk conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The study looks at Reclamation District (RD) 17, which includes the southern portions of the city of Stockton, the eastern portions of the city of Lathrop, the western portions of the city of Manteca, and areas of unincorporated San Joaquin County.

“The RD 17 Risk Assessment allowed USACE to act as an objective third party and ‘review both the system and the human plans to react to the system,’ said Scott Shapiro, general counsel for SJAFCA (San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency).”

Access a PDF of the full article here.