Waves of Change: Water Resource Management and Infrastructure at the Turning Point

August 9-11, 2022

Speaker, National Association of Flood & Stormwater Management Agencies' Annual Meeting

Downey Brand managing partner and water law attorney Scott Shapiro is once again presenting at the National Association of Flood & Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA) annual conference. This year’s multi-day conference takes place in Park City, Utah, from August 9 – 11.

Scott’s first presentation will be on August 9 at 1:30 pm, during which he will speak alongside attorneys Karin Jacoby and Chris Amantea at the legal session “Current Water Quality, Water Quantity, Flood Risk Management and Levee Legal Issues Impacting Local, Regional and State Flood Control Agencies.”

Scott’s second presentation, taking place on August 11 at 10:00 am, will be a roundtable discussion about flood risk issues and the homeless.

For more information and to register, please visit the conference webpage.