The San Ynez Reconsultation with NMFS

June 14, 2011

Co-Chair and Presenter, Argent Communications 26th Annual California Water Law & Policy Conference

Downey Brand is pleased to sponsor the 26st Annual California Water Law & Policy Conference on June 13-14, 2011 in San Francisco. Downey Brand water law attorneys Kevin O'Brien (Conference Co-Chair), David Aladjem and Steve Saxton are presenting.

California is facing some big issues. A new state administration means the restructuring of key agency personnel and policies; new proposals suggest fundamental changes to the manner in which water management and regulation are structured within the state; and lawsuits are challenging principles of law and policy long-thought as immutable. We're covering all this and more during the comprehensive two-day conference.

  • Steve Saxton will present "Area of Origin Protection: TCC v. U.S."
  • David Aladjem will provide an "Analysis of Recent Public Policy Institute of California Report"
  • Kevin O'Brien will discuss the "San Ynez Reconsultation with NMFS" as part of the session on "Of Water, the ESA and Land Use: Issues and Updates from Around the State"

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