Encroachments: The Next Challenge

March 18, 2020

Moderator, California Central Valley Flood Control Association (CCVFCA) Annual Flood Forum

Downey Brand Managing Partner Scott Shapiro will be moderating a panel discussion at this year’s CCVFCA Annual Flood Forum titled Encroachments: The Next Challenge. Flood Forum presenters will engage in a candid discussion about ongoing issues related to flood system repairs, operations, and maintenance. Specifically, the panel will focus on impacts to the integrity of flood protection facilities throughout the state associated with camping on levees and in floodways. The panel of speakers will explore questions such as:

  • How are unauthorized encroachments – specifically camping – impacting flood protection?
  • What is law enforcement’s role? What are its legal and practical limitations?
  • What are some strategies Local Maintaining Agencies (LMAs) have used effectively to address encroachments?
  • What does current Water Code say about unauthorized encroachments?
  • What is the Central Valley Flood Protection Board’s role as the State’s regulatory agency for State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC) facilities?

To register, please visit the CCVFCA’s Flood Forum event page.