Coffee with CGA General Counsel

June 7, 2021

California Grocers Association's Independent Operators Symposium

Downey Brand partner (and CGA General Counsel) Dale Stern will be speaking again at this year’s Independent Operators’ Symposium from June 6-13, 2021, at the Fairmont Orchid on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Dale joins an impressive line-up of well-respected experts to address some of the key opportunities and challenges facing today’s independent grocery business leaders. Educational sessions are designed to be informative and interactive, with ample time for dialogue and to share best practices.

For more information about the Symposium, including a list of speakers, please visit the event website.

Presentation Overview & Agenda

During his Coffee with Counsel presentation on June 7, Dale will host a two-hour free-flowing conversation, where owners will get the opportunity to contribute to discussions on succession planning, employment, and compliance issues, among others. Dale’s presentation was one of last year’s Symposium highlights and is back as a Keynote for 2021. Below is a detailed agenda with links to resources:

A. Collaborative COVID-19 Employment Discussion

  1. How are you incentivizing employees to get COVID vaccine?
  2. Can you require proof of vaccination to continue employment?
  3. Can you require proof of vaccine for unmasked customers?

B. State Regulatory Issues

  1. What compliance issues are you facing?
  2. What to expect from a Cal OSHA inspection? Will they do “no fine” inspection requests?
  3. Prop 65: acrylamide & other updates
  4. Food labeling & advertising claims: nutrition & health claims
  5. Slack fill

C. Federal Issues

  1. What could we expect with the change in Presidential administrations?
  2. Insight on new tax bill and impacts for S & C corporations
  3. Insights on timing for further FDA guidance on CBD consumables

D. Public Safety Issues

  1. Impact of increased homelessness on safety: employees, customers, & what are our legal rights?
  2. Store Security: Trespassing, solicitors, ORT, slip & falls

E. Collaborative Business Discussion

  1. Employee Dress code?
  2. What are you doing to retain Employees & attract new ones?
  3. How has advertising changed since COVID & what the future holds?
  4. Available scheduling programs
  5. Due diligence when acquiring new stores & locations: stock vs. asset purchase
  6. What does the grocery store experience look like in 10 years?
  7. 3-5 year company plan development & succession planning

F. CGA goals

  1. How can CGA advocate specifically for independent grocers?
  2. 2022 IOC budget
  3. Future discussion & topics