California’s Prop 65 and Toasted, Roasted and Crunchy Foods – All About Acrylamide

May 6, 2021

Specialty Food Association Prop. 65 Webinar Series

Join Downey Brand partner and Prop 65 attorney Sophia Castillo on May 6th at 10:00 am PT as she explores issues that affect makers who create baked goods, roasted and crunchy snack foods, nut products and other products that contain acrylamide and are regulated in California under Proposition 65. She’ll cover the current status of the law, recent claims regarding alleged acrylamide, the types of products that are frequently targeted, discuss new pending regulations in California and answer your questions.

Visit the Specialty Food Association’s website to register.

This is the first of three Prop. 65 webinars that Sophia is presenting on behalf of the Specialty Food Association. Other webinars in the series include: