Climate Change Suits Against Oil Companies Can Go Forward in State Courts, Plaintiffs’ Preferred Venue

May 27, 2020

Daily Journal

Downey Brand partner and environmental attorney Darrin Gambelin is quoted in this SF Daily Journal article about a recent ruling that has settled a dispute over whether climate change cases filed in state courts by California cities and counties should be removed to federal courts.

See below for a preview of the article.

By Craig Anderson, Daily Journal Staff Writer

California cities and counties that sued a host of energy companies for allegedly hiding the impact of climate change on their communities can pursue public nuisance lawsuits in state court, a 9th U.S. Court of Appeals panel ruled Tuesday in a pair of orders that are an early win for the plaintiffs.

The appellate ruling resolves a dispute between two federal judges in the Northern District of California who reached different conclusions over the energy companies’ bid to remove the lawsuits to federal court after they were filed in state court.

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