The Future of the Public Trust Doctrine in California

November 15, 2018

Participant, Round Table Discussion, NACWA/CASA California Legal Forum & Luncheon

Downey Brand partner Christian Marsh will be taking part in a roundtable discussion and contributing insights on the future of the Public Trust Doctrine in California at the NACWA/CASA California Legal Forum and Luncheon.

The event will take place on November 15 in San Diego where experts in California clean water law will discuss important legal developments unique to California clean water challenges. Topics covered will include: local public trust obligation, water recycling and in-stream flow requirements and wastewater impacts of cannabis legalization. In an effort to meet, collaborate, and address the unique obstacles regarding clean water, all clean water leaders and legal stakeholders from around the state are encouraged to attend. The forum and Luncheon is jointly sponsored by NACWA and CASA.