The Future of Floodplain Management in California: The Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

April 19, 2012

Presenter, Argent Communications 27th Annual California Water Law & Policy Conference

Downey Brand is pleased to sponsor the 27st Annual California Water Law & Policy Conference on April 19-20, 2012 in San Francisco. Downey Brand water law attorneys Kevin O'Brien (Conference Co-Chair), Andrea Clark, Steve Saxton, and Mark Atlas are presenting.

California is facing some big issues right now. New regulatory actions suggest fundamental changes to the manner in which water quality and water supply management are regulated within the state. Various legal challenges are affecting background principles of California water law and policy long-thought as immutable. And developments dealing with the state’s two largest water sources—the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Colorado River—are coming to a head.

Hear from key institutional players and in-the-trenches attorneys on how these issues are playing out and how they will affect your practice. Highlights include an introductory presentation by Lester Snow of the Resources Law Group on “California’s Institutional Water Framework” which will provide a blueprint of how these crucial topics weave together, and a Keynote Presentation from Phil Isenberg, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council.

Downey Brand presentations:

  • Andrea Clark will discuss the "Future of Floodplain Management in California" The Central Valley Flook Protection Plan"
  • Mark Atlas will present "Implications of Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority v. U.S. Department of the Interior"
  • Steve Saxton will provide a "Prop 218 Update: How's the Noose Feeling Now?"
  • Kevin O'Brien will provide the opening and introductory remarks for day 1 and an overview on day 2

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