Navigating Floodplains and Flood Risk

December 8, 2017

Co-Chair and Presenter, The Seminar Group

Downey Brand water law attorney  Andrea Clark (Program Co-Chair) is presenting at a comprehensive 1-day seminar on Navigating Floodplains and Flood Risk on December 8, 2017, in Seattle, WA.

Andrea will start things off with introductions and a program overview followed by her presentations, "The National Flood Insurance Program and the Endangered Species Act in Washington and Oregon," at 10:00 AM with co-presenter Molly Lawrence, and then "Interfacing with FEMA and the Corps Regarding Levee Modifications," at 11:15 AM with co-presenter Timothy LaPorte.  View the full agenda and additional presenters here.  

Conference Overview

Over the last decade, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), as well as state and local regulations, have been continuously changing the way floodplain areas may be utilized. Ongoing floodplain mapping efforts are expanding the boundaries of established floodplains while at the same time the applicable regulations are becoming more restrictive and flood insurance rates are climbing. Come hear about the latest developments in the laws and regulations controlling floodplains, including changes to the way that FEMA and other federal agencies are mapping floodplain areas, the evolving integration of the Endangered Species Act into the National Flood Insurance Program, and how Washington State is integrating these changes into their own local regulatory programs..

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