Greenhouse Gas Regulation: Pollutant-Specific Contribution Rules, Emission Taxes, Cap and Trade Incentives

July 14, 2021

Strafford Webinars

On Wednesday, July 14th, Downey Brand partner and regulatory compliance attorney Darrin Gambelin will be presenting on a two-person panel hosted by Strafford Publications, Inc. Darrin will be speaking about current issues related to greenhouse gas emissions and regulation, specifically addressing the proposed actions by the EPA and Biden Administration as well as key state actions, the implications of rejoining the Paris accord, and the impact of such action on specific industries.


In April the Biden Administration hosted a virtual summit with 40 world leaders to discuss climate and plans to meet the parameters of the 2015 Paris agreement. In connection with this summit, the president announced ambitious plans to reduce United States carbon emissions to 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Environmental counsel should be aware that, in addition to traditional industries regulated for greenhouse gas emissions, the Biden Administration is proposing a whole government approach to combating climate change. EPA is investigating Scope 3 emissions produced indirectly by a company. Scope 3 emissions flew under the radar as regulators focused on more obvious sources. With global attention on environmental, social, and governance investing, indirect emissions are coming under greater scrutiny. The administration is also considering legislation and rules for pollutant-specific contribution, emissions taxes, and cap and trade incentives. The administration also reestablished the interagency to review the social cost of carbon and make recommendations.

The panel will review these and other important topics:

  • What climate rules and initiatives has the Biden Administration announced and what may be next?
  • How will companies be expected to address Scope 3 emissions?
  • What are states doing to drive greenhouse gas emission reductions?
  • What is the social cost of carbon, and what is the current administration doing related to SCC?


For more information and to register, please visit the event page on the Strafford Publications’ website.