Can’t We Just Put the Water in the Ground?

March 14, 2018

Panelist, ACWA Legislative Symposium

Downey Brand water law partner David Aladjem was a featured panelist on the discussion “Can’t We Just Put Water in the Ground?”

Panel Overview

In an effort to find an approach that allows entities to recharge groundwater while protecting the water rights of others, ACWA has created a workgroup to eliminate that divide. The workgroup is focusing on how to define when surface water is in ‘excess conditions’ as well as a streamlined administrative permitting process to divert water for underground storage when in excess conditions.

This discussion panel explored the evolution of groundwater recharge as a benefit to the excess conditions proposal the workgroup is currently examining, and how it will help to improve the health of groundwater basins regardless of whether there is a plan for future extraction of the water, for purposes including mitigation of overdraft, seawater intrusion, water quality problems and land subsidence.

The other paneslists include: Susan Eggman, Ryan Bezerra, and Stephanie Morris.