CEQA Chronicles

Your resource for what’s new in CEQA law and litigation

CEQA Chronicles provides timely information and analysis concerning key developments in environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act. Whenever there is an important change in CEQA practice – whether as a result of an appellate court decision, new legislation, or revisions to the Guidelines – we’ll keep you updated.

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The Levee Was Dry

Legal updates & commentary on flood risk and floodplain management

The Levee Was Dry provides fresh insights on the laws and policies that affect flood risk and floodplain management, and how these issues might affect your agency or business operations. Our expertise in this area, which involves understanding a complicated intersection of Federal, state and local laws as well as public policy and flood control engineering concepts, gives us unique insight into an area that is complex and often misunderstood. We invite you to follow our blog and get to know us through our blog posts, and engage us in conversation.and engage us in conversation.

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Trust on Trial

California Trust and Estate Litigation

Trust on Trial discusses hot button issues in California trust litigation and probate litigation, ranging from the flash points that we see in our cases to recent developments in the field.  We discuss trust contests, will contests, and administration disputes.  We explore issues of mental capacity, undue influence, fiduciary duty, and financial elder abuse.  We follow how California courts grapple with dementia attributed to Alzheimer’s disease, which is becoming more prevalent as baby boomers age.  We comment on local court practices, including procedures in Department 129 (the probate unit) of Sacramento County Superior Court.  We hope that our blog will be of interest to estate planning professionals and to family members immersed in trust and estate disputes.

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